Head of International Center for Interdisciplinary Research, SUT

Małgorzata Dobrowolska

Silesian University of Technology (SUT)
PhD, DSc, Professor of the SUT. Researcher, academic teacher, manager, practitioner. Work, organizations and management psychologist with long professional experience matching technology and human interactions, applying her research on human resources management results into practice. Interdisciplinary research specialist within the Work 4.0., Industry 4.0, Human Factor and Work, Competences of Future and related issues and in their implementation at the Micro- and SMEs as well as industrial companies, for better and more efficient business performance. Partner in the SUT’s spin-off company (Pro-Lab) and Coordinator of its VR Diagnostics and Mobile Laboratory Division.

Director of the SUT’s International Center for Interdisciplinary Research. Inventor and coordinator of the MBA studies of Industry 4.0 profile offered at the SUT since early 2019. Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Research Team on Social and Technological Progress at the SUT’s Institute for Research on Education and communication. Author of methodology for measuring the psychophysiological and psychosocial potential of employees performing difficult and dangerous work. Author of standardized and normalized methods of diagnosis related to Work 4.0 for the SUT’s Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer within the "Incubator of Innovation+" project within the Smart Growth Operational Programme - Measure 4.4 program financed by Poland’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Main coordinator of 4 Polish research projects, supervising teams of several tens of members. Participant in 2 international scientific & research projects and 3 other national research projects co-financed from the EU funds. Several of those projects run for the benefit of the industry sector. Coordinator of implementation of 12 assistance programs for social and professional integration co-financed from the European Social Fund. Experienced in the development and implementation of implicative projects carried out with the participation of entrepreneurs, companies of various scale but with focus on the SMEs sector., representatives of Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Katowice Special Economic Zone, etc. Experienced in workshops and trainings delivery to a wide, not only academic audience. All projects with her participation or coordination relate somehow to the changes in socio-technological progress faced now globally in the Technology 4.0 era.

Participant in few international long-term scientific internships related to research on the human factor in Industry 4.0 in Slovakia (TUKE), Portugal (University of Porto), Argentina and Germany. Owner of 7 Polish and 2 European patent applications and 4 licenses for research focused on Work 4.0. Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Aviation at the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) in Slovakia. Author of 6 monographs (incl. 5 in English), scientific editor of >10 book volumes, >5 issues of academic journals and over 120 academic articles in high-rated academic journals including 6 in Impact Factor journals. Member of 4 Polish journals’ scientific councils, permanent reviewer of 2 academic journals. Participant of dozens of Polish and international academic conferences, organizer or co-organizer of over 35 conferences and seminars at national and transnational level.

Didactic experience: teaching classes in psychology, human resource management, specialization in work and organizational psychology, flexible forms of employment and new forms of employment 4.0. Supervisor and reviewer of several dozen theses, including master and doctoral ones. Awarded with the SUT Rector’s professorial supervisor's grant related to the research and empirical monograph on the human factor in Industry 4.0. Winner of many academic, scientific and entrepreneurial awards.